Our consultancy adopts a ‘holistic approach’; we offer an ‘integrated’ intervention: through re-engineering of all management and production processes, we build upon the strengths of the company in order to allow its future development. We firmly believe that business potential is far greater than the sum of its resources! Such approach is flexible by nature because it makes use of appropriate methodologies to improve business profitability and competitiveness.

Our modus operandi provides a strategy to implement changes at every step, so that our intervention does not undermine normal business operations at every stage of the remodelling process.

Our consultants work within the company’s structure as ‘coaching staff’, whose mission is to guide the ‘collaborators team’ – ranging from the Executive Office to production workers -to the successful achievement of pre-assigned strategic objectives through close monitoring and training.

Our long-standing experience in warehouse design and production chains together with the constant training of our consultants – always present at fairs and relevant congresses – allow us to meet any request in relation to technologies and production chains. Our holistic approach allows us to design a production model that is not simply a technological innovation, but rather an instrument that fits into a living system and, as such, needs to be absorbed in it. Any technological innovation will therefore be implemented as part of an information, logistic and production flow: only in this way, innovation will be able to meet its highest productivity standards!

Technical consultancy and industrial organization of eng. Giorgio Musaio Somma.
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