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Design of information flows.

We make your company simpler and “leaner” by defining how information should travel through company processes and employees. We will create few but efficient procedures and define ideal cycles which will be a guide for collaborators.

Customizing the Information System.

We provide the specifications to your software analysts to create a company management software capable of planning and controlling all activities. We will take special care in creating an efficient production planning and control system.

Organization of internal and external logistics flows.

Together we will face the challenge for the organization of logistics flows, both external, such as supply and transports, and internal, like interoperability buffers and warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

Technological innovation.

We will choose the right degree of automation for your company in order to achieve maximum results by performing calibrated and selected step-by-step investments. We will guide the company towards technological investments by choosing those technologies able to satisfy the real needs and using capital deriving from the reduction of waste and the “unfreezing” of immobilized capital.

The organizational structure.

What is more powerful than a human brain? More brains working together! After careful study, we will create an organizational chart that makes operational the designed flows of information by assigning precise responsibilities to each task, avoiding overlaps and confusion between the roles. The holistic approach will create a team capable of producing results well above the sum of individual abilities.

Definition of the tasks of the collaborators.

Drafting of a job description that exactly defines the tasks of the company collaborators is the key point for the construction of synergies between the employees. The corporate climate strongly depends on how clear the roles and responsibilities of each employee are.

Organizational structures implemented around the world 😊!


Construction of the company “building blocks”

Technical sheets.

To obtain a quality product and such that the cost is known in advance, it is essential to create a “manual” for each product that explains exactly how it should be built. The difference between an atelier and a factory is that in the latter nothing can be left “to the imagination” of the production attendant. The product must be standard as well as its cost. Technical sheets are, among other things, fundamental for the training of personnel.

Production methods.

Every company has a hidden treasure: the methodologies to build the product. They derive from a sometimes-secular experience. However, what if workers use different methods? If you build a product with different methods, the product will not be standard and its cost will vary depending on the method used! Our consultants will help you choose the best method, make it uniform and standardize it in production.

Work times.

Once defined the best methods for production, our consultants will train the company’s technicians to calculate the standard production times. Knowing the execution time of a product in every work phase is fundamental for: calculating production costs, defining production capacity, designing logistic flows, calculating the number of workstations and thus drawing the best layout for the production. Only through the calculation of standard times, it is possible to set up a production scheduling system and, last but not least, to incentivize the work of production workers.

The bills of materials.

An accurate description of the consumption of raw materials and the use of semi-finished products is essential for the calculation of the product costs, for the production planning, for the calculation of the necessary stock in the warehouse and for the design of the latter. This work, together with the calculation of the times, constitutes the basis for the “hunting of waste”!

Choice and control of raw materials.

Even a small mistake in the selection and control of raw materials can lead to innumerable disputes about the finished product, such that sometimes the company collapses. The consultants will help you to set up procedures for the selection, purchase and incoming control of raw materials, thus considerably reducing the company’s risk and losses due to uncalibrated purchases.

Quality system.

Consultants believe that Quality is not a certificate to be paid, but rather a huge competitive advantage for the company! Quality is independent of the economic segment in which the company’s product is placed. Today it is essential that even a very low-cost product must be built with extreme care and attention. We will implement a Quality System that will follow all the administrative and production processes with a view to maximum customer satisfaction.

Product delivery.

The work of the factory does not end with the arrival of the product at the finished product warehouse, nor with the arrival at the store! In all cases the company must guarantee that the product arrives intact and in perfect quality at the customer’s home! This must be true even when the delivery is not made by the manufacturer! In fact, the end customer does not know the distribution steps and, if he receives a damaged product, the image of the manufacturing company will be severely compromised. With consultants you can build an integrated transport logistics system that optimizes costs and preserves the product in all the phases from the finished product warehouse to its destination at the end customer.

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