When to contact us

To tell the truth, there is never a specific moment we acknowledge that we need help. Personal ambition and fear of wasting both time and resources with consultancy is sufficient to halt any hint of innovation that stems from external resources.

It is considered easier and safer to keep walking down the same path using our own experience even if, sometimes, this can require more time and resources.

In addition, it is a common thought that consultants do not possess deep knowledge of the company and that plans to tackle ongoing problems have always been in place; time and resources were the only limits to put them into action.


Fear in relation to the ‘safety’ of ‘corporate secrets’ is yet another motivation that halts calls for external help! On the other hand, it is demonstrated that sensitive information is never leaked by consultants – who would immediately lose their job – but by employees whenever their employer is replaced.

These are all real fears! However, fear does not lead to success! It is necessary to put our own pride aside and acknowledge that meeting professionals that have faced and won multiple battles in similar fields can lead to ideas, experiences and the necessary strength to innovate your company!

For instance, you could move furniture out of your house on your own! However, without experience, instruments and methods, it will be a long and difficult process, some furniture will be damaged and the result will not be optimal. Instead, if you call a removal company with long-standing experience, the result will be far greater!

What about consultancy costs? The answer is easy: no Consultancy Firm could ever exist if their clients were not satisfied; or if their clients had not decided to spend far, far less than what they benefited from the results obtained!

Therefore, give us a call when you need:

  •  To re-organise your business.
  •  New ideas, experiences and knowledge.
  • Help to implement or complete a project.
  • To execute planning and to control efficient production.
  • To optimize costs.
  • To re-organise the company’s structure: organization chart and employee management.
  • To develop or improve software for business management.
  • An efficient lay out of production processes and warehouse management.
  • Technologies and conveyor lines.
  • To build an efficient logistic chain and a fluid production flow.
  • To introduce time management technologies that conform to international standards in order to evaluate production time, to assess product costs, to invest time and production spaces in an effective manner.
  • An objective consultation to solve strategic issues within an Executive Committee: it is often necessary to receive an external opinion to obtain an objective evaluation.
  • To test your own processes in order to re-affirm your market position and to create a new profile.
  • To remodel the entire system due to the expansion or change of the company’s ownership or control or to changes in the company’s business.
  • To get out of a critical situation or even on the verge of collapse and you need an adequate and timely response to the situation.
  • To build a “bridge” between two generations (father and children) when it seems that the dialogue does not lead to results and the company is without a single control.

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